Resetto started out as an interior-design team for commercial and residential projects in Calcutta. It wasn’t long before we realized that our attention to detail and willingness to experiment was something that shouldn’t be restricted by geography. After putting up our catalogue online, we received such an avalanche of interest that it made sense for us to move to a bigger workshop in Jaipur and deliver our products pan India.

While several players in the Indian e-commerce landscape are dishing out plain, mass-produced furniture, we are constantly creating inimitable pieces that are difficult to part with. Our motto ‘Created, not manufactured’ is not a humdrum slogan but a sense of ethos. Our craftsmen know that each item they send out our doors is a thing of beauty that deserves a home in which it will be cherished. A coffee-table that makes your friends pull back in bewilderment, a cabinet that should be at a fashion shoot but sits obediently by your bed, a chair so comfortable that it encourages you to finally finish that David Foster Wallace novel…these are but some of the benefits of good design. We can only hope that you concur.

As an addition to our in-house production, we also source products from artisans across India who match our vision of turning high quality materials into unique products using traditional handcrafting techniques. As a result of this collaboration, our catalogue features both contemporary furniture that we are passionate about and bonafide antiques that have stood the test of time. Where else can you find a made-to-order distressed bookshelf listed right next to a seventy year old console featuring intricate Kerala carving? Where can you find an industrial lamp right next to a vintage Portuguese trunk? Only at Resetto. As if it wasn’t enough to bring you fantastic furniture, we now also import beautiful rice-paper prints from Vietnam to help liven up your walls.

The positive feedback we have received from our customers makes us wake up each day and smell the chai. Our origin as a unit providing bespoke furniture to several households has helped us keep our proverbial finger on the pulse of interior trends. The range of products we have made available online is a selection that we deem most suitable in the Indian home. Whether the home in question is a rambling Hyderabad bungalow or a jolly Pali Hill studio, the multi-functionality we instil in our products find takers who are discerning about what they make part of their lives.